What Happens When You Don’t Renew Health Insurance On Time? 


Health insurance plans are essential, particularly given India’s rising medical costs. It protects against financial setbacks when receiving medical treatment. However, remember that most health insurance policies are only available for one year and must be renewed annually.  While some insurers may send you a renewal notice before your policy […]

Impact Of No Claim Bonus On Your Car Insurance Policy 


A no-claim bonus is a reward your car insurance online or offline provider offers on your premium. This is the most significant reward you can get for your premium, and it reduces its cost significantly.  You may be eligible for a no-claim bonus* (NCB) if you do not claim your […]

How to choose an effective brand name

What’s your brand story? Do you know where the name Starbucks came from? Or Spotify? How about Geico? The founders of the coffee brand knew that they wanted a name that suggested adventure and discovery. And one line of thought was that they should connect the company to its geographic […]