How to Create an Effective Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Millennials make most of their buying decisions online, and buying a home is no exception. 

Homebuyers prefer to browse through options on social media platforms before going for physical visits. This is why having a powerful social media marketing strategy is a must for real estate agents. According to a recent study, social media has become an integral factor to drive leads and convert them into clients in the industry. The study reveals that:

●      47% of real estate agents agreed that social media results in higher quality leads than other sources.

●      77% of businesses use social media in some way to engage buyers.

●      99% of homebuyers begin their search online.

The facts make it clear that real estate social media marketing is an absolute goldmine for businesses and agents. 

And when it comes to social media marketing, only 38% of agents are posting 3-6 times a week while 37% post only 1-2 times a week. 

So, the question is – how can real estate businesses make the most of social media? What is the best way to share social media posts?

We’ll cover everything you need to know in our guide below.  

1.  Capture Real Photos and Videos

Consumers have become smarter, you can no longer fool them through copied photos and videos. It’s time to get authentic, so capture real photos of your listing by either using a smartphone or a professional camera. 

Make sure to include pictures of the surroundings, parks, nearby stores, and the community. 

Once you get something that you are happy with, post them with a good caption. And don’t post raw videos – use great real estate video editing software for quality content.

real estate social media ideas

2.  Schedule Post Timing and Frequency

When it comes to social media posting, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every business has a different audience that varies demographically and geographically. 

Buyers and homeowners from the young generations are frequently on Instagram and Twitter while older adults prefer LinkedIn and Facebook. So, share your property videos based on your target audience to increase awareness and engagement.

Check out our guides for the best time to post on Instagram and the best time to post on TikTok.

3.  Share Success Stories and Testimonials

What’s the best way to build trust among new buyers? Sharing success stories directly from your existing clients. 

Studies have proven that testimonials connect potential customers more deeply with brands. When they have something believable, engaging, and real, they tend to relate to it as the content triggers their imagination. This is what social proof is all about. 

Whether it’s a small win, recognition, client stories, or any other intriguing real estate videos, give your users something they can relate to on a personal level.

real estate social media ideas

4.      Implement Interesting Real Estate Ideas

Make your social media page an extension of your website, where you share regular blog posts to establish your business as a leader in your domain. These posts add value to your social media strategy and provide ideas and information to the audience that they seek. 

As a result, your users will look up to you when they are ready to buy a home. Don’t forget to add interesting and informative graphics, statistics, and local events to these blogs. Surveys can also assist in understanding the buyer’s/seller’s perspective.

Check out our guide to creating a content marketing plan for more tips.

real estate social media ideas

5.  Add High-Quality Charts and Graphs

Real estate agents always look for a way to make their social media pages more appealing to their audience. One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is by translating their expertise and knowledge into intriguing content and sharing it across all platforms. 

Charts, graphs, tables, facts, etc., will make a simple post more informative and shareable.

real estate social media ideas

6.  Take Advantage of Templates

Real estate agents and businesses can play with Instagram stories to share something unique every day. They can tease new listings, take their followers behind the scenes, share virtual home tours, and give a sneak peek into the area. 

Business accounts also have a swipe-up feature that they can use to create more impact and drive leads. There are several customizable templates for property video editing and creating new stories faster.

real estate social media ideas

7.  Use Hashtags for Your Posts

Social media hashtags are not just a trend to garner more likes on a post but a roadmap that connects homeowners and buyers with your content and brand. 

Hashtags related to your industry, such as #househunting, #dreamhome, #renovated, #justlisted, #realestate, #homesforsale, #homelisting, etc., are important keywords to target. Whenever a user will search for any of these hashtags, your post will appear on their screens. 

8.  Post Consistently and Frequently

Creating a dependable social media presence requires posting frequently. This is caused in part by social media algorithms and in part by human psychology. 

Any effective connection requires ongoing contact and communication, and social media relationships are no different. It appears that algorithms favor content from accounts that post frequently. This implies that you are obligated to complete your daily social media homework.

Here are helpful guides on the TikTok algorithm and the Instagram algorithm to help you gain a better understanding of how social media works. 

real estate social media ideas


Real estate agents need to understand that social media marketing is not about garnering more likes, shares, and followers than their peers. It is a way to connect with your target audience and establish a brand globally. Rather than pushing sales, focus on sharing a story that potential buyers can relate to. Offer them meaningful insights to drive leads and generate sales to attract new clients while staying authentic and genuine.

With the help of an effective social media strategy, you can build your brand in ways that you have never done before. Just create the right content while keeping your audience in mind, focus on the frequency of your posts and keep implementing some great real estate ideas. 

Try to make your content visually appealing by taking the help of graphs and charts, taking advantage of templates that are available on the web, and using relevant hashtags to reach the right audience. 

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