Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides new features

Kizzy D. Blount

Microsoft announced big news about Dynamics 365 Guides. They launched a new update to their Guides platform. Most of our favorite features from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is now available in Guides. Including but not limited to group calling, the ability to join a team’s meeting, annotate the HoloLens user’s space, and view a remote expert’s screen.

For a full breakdown on everything about the update please see Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Guides document on what’s new.

The biggest news since the inception of the Guides. The update brings users what they love about Remote Assist and the ability to work remotely and collaborate to the world of Guides and self-paced instructions.

After we were teased with the Guides one to one calling feature, this is the next step in the applications evolution. A true collaborative setting within Guides, where multple subject matters experts join and collaborate like they are together in person. Remote experts see the same field of view as the HoloLens user, and they can point things out with arrows or draw circles to highlight a specific part. In addition, they can share their screen, send images or PDF’s, and chat within the HoloLens users if they are in a loud environment.

Several key scenarios this features enables includes call for expert live support, call to have an instructor validate your new skill or completion of the Guide, call for help when struggling in the middle of a self-paced Guide, Coauthor guide, use of the calender function. We will be sure to do a sperate blog that breaks down these scenarios and provide use cases that improve on the performance.

Please note you must be a system administrator to update Dynamics 365 Guides. If you have any questions about system administrator, please view our blog that breaks down the different roles for Guides within an organization.

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