How to Start Writing A Book

Who else has a book idea taking up space in their mental junk drawer? Time to stop shuffling it from one spot to another and write your book.  We’re sure you’ve heard this advice before: “Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.” “Plan ahead and put on your […]

Why You Should Start a Blog About Your Passion

Kizzy D. Blount

Do you have doubts about starting a blog? If you’re thinking whether or not you should start a blog, then you should read this blog post. If you start to observe today’s world, you’ll notice that we’re going through a big transitional period where technology is changing everything. Therefore, radio, […]

Egypt to start building $11bn wind farm from 2024

Kizzy D. Blount

The construction of one of the world’s largest wind farms in Egypt is set to start in 2024 and could provide electricity to Europe and Saudi Arabia, according to one of the main companies backing the $11 billion project. A consortium that includes Abu Dhabi-owned Masdar and Infinity Power Holdings […]

Start Entrepreneure Online

Kizzy D. Blount

Right now, even the field of dentistry is wealthy in artistic entrepreneurs who actively create and introduce goods and companies that will appear cool and strange to you. For Yahoo Solutions, Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Celebrity, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Type, Yahoo Journey, Yahoo TV, […]