Why Consensus Kills Business Innovation

At a geopolitical level, there’s evidence to support the notion that democratically-governed countries produce higher levels of innovation than autocracies. But does that hold true when we’re talking about industries, businesses serving those industries, or departments within those businesses? I’m not so sure. You can’t help falling over organizations of […]

What to Know Before the End of the Year

There are many reasons small business owners decide to close their businesses: cash flow difficulties, too much competition, the economy, retirement, or wanting to move on to another opportunity. Whatever the reason, having a thorough plan for business dissolution is just as important as it was to follow your business […]

5 Recession-Proof Skills You Should Have

The word on everyone’s lips now is that the United States is heading towards a recession. Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of the people and the investor confidence has been when leading to stock market shake-ups that have left a lot of people apprehensive. Like many others, you may […]