A Guide on How to Buy an Oval Diamond

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Oval diamonds have been gaining popularity and are on their way to become one of the most popular diamond cuts. Oval diamonds have a sophisticated and classy appearance. The oval diamond cut is very versatile. How do you pick out an oval diamond? You may ask, as it can be used in engagement rings, sweetheart rings, earrings and in necklaces as a popular choice for a pendant, the possibilities are endless with the oval diamond. 

The versatility does not end there as the oval diamond can be put as an accent stone or center stone in any fine piece of jewelry due to its brilliance and elegant cut. If the look of an oval diamond is what you are looking for then keep on reading as this is a guide on how to buy an oval diamond.

Why Choose Loose Oval Diamonds?

The oval diamond cut has been around for a significant amount of time starting from the 1960’s. The cut was created as a mixture of the round brilliant cut and the pear cut diamond with the exception that it has no pointed corners. 

The oval diamond has excellent shine and sparkles as it has 58 facets, the same with a brilliant round cut diamond giving the diamond its own characteristics and fire. 

If you are not looking for a diamond ring or the oval diamond ring in a jewelry setting just yet but prefer the cut of the diamond then, you should consider buying loose oval diamonds. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Loose Oval Diamonds 

  1. Clarity 

The loose oval diamond is similar to the round brilliant cut diamond in which they are capable of hiding inclusions very well. For loose oval diamonds under 2 carats, an SI1 grade will get you an eye clean stone for the best value; however, for over 2 carats oval diamonds, it’s best to stick to a VS1 or VS2 clarity rating for an eye clean diamond.

The loose oval diamonds are excellent at enhancing the size of the stone regardless of carat weight. The oval diamond is also ideal to wear if you would like your finger to appear slim and elongated making the wearer’s finger slender. The oval diamonds are a rarity in which the unique design shows special attention to detail to the wearer. 

  1. Price

Loose diamonds are more affordable than a diamond that has already been set as fine jewelry such as diamond rings, necklaces, or earrings. You can also be assured of the quality and grade of the diamond due to it in its loose form that is why diamond wholesalers can price their loose diamonds competitively with other diamond wholesalers in which buyers can choose loose diamonds at the best possible price. 

  1. Flexibility

Buying loose oval diamonds gives you flexibility. If you like the look of oval diamonds but are not sure yet what type of setting you would like to put it in like in a ring or necklace, buying loose diamonds are excellent if you want to hold on to the oval diamond but still need more time in choosing the perfect setting to put set it in. 

  1. Unique design

Loose oval diamonds are not usually common to be used in jewelries, more popular options are usually round brilliant or princess cut hence the uniqueness of the design. If you want to have a piece of jewelry such as an engagement ring that sets you different from the rest, why not buy a loose oval diamond and have it set in a ring, or if you prefer, as a pendant for a necklace. 

How much is an Oval Diamond?

If you are sure of picking out an oval diamond, you may ask this question, “Are oval cut diamonds more expensive?” The answer is no, oval cut diamonds are not more expensive than, let’s say, round brilliant cut diamonds which are more popular among buyers. Even with the two diamonds with the same cut quality, same color or carat weight, oval cut diamonds are less expensive. 

It is less expensive as the oval diamond cut uses a bigger amount of the original rough diamond hence there is more rough diamond that is used rather than being discarded during the cut and polishing process. 

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